Stop and smell the peonies

Welcome to HOW I SEE IT.

This blog is long overdue! As a designer, I’m drawn to the world in a very visual way and I am often energised by what I see around me.  HOW I SEE IT is a new and exciting way for me to document and share my personal discoveries.  It also helps to fuel my greatest passion – photography.

I’ve been photographing since my early teens. My first “proper” shots were taken on a Nikon film camera – a graduation gift from my father.   He is a very talented photographer and a constant source of inspiration. I have many memories of him in the darkroom and growing fascination as abstract film strips transformed into beautiful black and white photographs. I can vividly recall the smell of pungent developing chemicals which often enveloped the rest of the house!  Inspired by his work, I decided to learn the skill for myself. I remember the joy I experienced when my first B&W image emerged in the developing tray.  A few years later, along with the rest of the modern world, I moved to digital photography.  As you can imagine, I love the freedom that it gives me to shoot more and experiment further, but some of my favourite shots are still the B&W images I processed in the darkroom.

I thought I’d kick off with the romantic, ice cream pink flowers that provided the much needed catalyst for this blog.  I happened across my first peony in the wild a few weeks ago and was instantly smitten. I’ve since seen theme all over London. They really encapsulate my reasons for starting HOW I SEE IT – to share and document the world as I see {and love} it.

I hope you enjoy reading my regular updates. If you like what you see, please subscribe and share HOW I SEE IT with others.



Elana Castle STUDIO e* Peony 1


2 thoughts on “Stop and smell the peonies

  1. As a lover of flowers, I am thrilled that you chose flowers as your theme for your first blog and especially peonies. I am delighted that you share my passion and your Dad’s passion for photography.
    May you continue to be inspired and produce many more blogs of subjects that interest you and hopefully other like-minded people.
    Much love

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