Trunk Sale

London is simply intoxicating.  I feel constantly bombarded by the sheer variety and mass of cultural options and opportunities.  It’s just not possible to see even a small percentage of what’s on offer and you’re just bound to miss out on something fantastic.

Faced with missing out on one of her annual favourites, my blogging and curatorial friend Jacki Lang asked me to cover the Vauxhall Car Boot Art Fair in London for her blog Jacki Curates a few weeks ago.  I love a blogging collaboration and it was my first time at the event – so happiness all round! My post on her website can be seen here.

The following is an excerpt as well as all the photographs from the day.




HOW I SEE IT loves an arty recommendation and when it comes from the curatorial Jacki Lang, is very quick to respond!  Jacki suggested I visit the 7th annual Vauxhall Car Boot Art Fair held in London’s Brick Lane.  The loose aim of the event is to provide a (rare) opportunity for people to meet high profile London artists like Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk and to purchase their work at bargain prices.  The fair is also an opportunity for lesser known London artists to exhibit their material. It’s the sheer mix of talent, frivolity and sense of collaboration that makes the experience so worthwhile and frankly, so downright bizarre! Not to mention the highly creative expose of adorned Vauxhaull car interiors and art filled trunks.

I was a little late for the mad rush to bag a Tracey Emin or Damien Hirst original but there were plenty unique pieces to buy and performance to watch throughout the day. My favourites were the “create your own cover” Penguin Classics books, the witty  limited edition ”Pretty Taxing” tax disc holders from boot fair regular Pam Hogg and Polly Morgan’s taxidermied animals.

All in all – a totally eccentric and fresh take on the traditional car boot fair. I look forward to next year’s offering. 


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