Horsin’ about

This post was originally titled “Cool Brittania” but it has been highjacked by a beautiful mare that I spotted on a recent twirl around the English countryside.  “Cool Britannia” is my ongoing visual mini-documentary of the “Britishness” (union jacks on cars, on posters, in window displays) I see popping up almost everywhere.  Since moving back to London, I’ve felt that there’s a much stronger sense of patriotism in the air here.  I think it’s had a great deal to do with the royal nuptials and the upcoming Olympic Games. (Talking of which I was on site at the new Westfield in Stratford which is near the new stadiums and the speed and scale of development is mind boggling!)

But back to the nuptials. The night before the big day, I walked along the wedding route and the atmosphere was simply electric. All the iconic British tourists sites somehow looked and felt even grander than ever. The streets were already lined with spectators and camping tents peppered with flags and royal paraphernalia. On the day of the wedding, my friend’s neighbours threw a street party and people emerged from their houses with cupcakes bearing the union jack and rows of blue, red and white bunting to celebrate. Cool Brittania is cooler than ever and I’ll certainly be posting the expose sometime soon.

So back to the ‘orse.  I really do love the English countryside and I had a great time exploring a semi-rural suburb, just 40 minutes outside London a few weeks ago.  After a beautiful drive down some classic rural, tree-lined streets I stopped off at a series of country farm stalls.  There was a fabulous craft centre, heavenly organic produce and the gorgeous horse, grazing solo in a nearby field. She really epitomises the countryside for me.



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