god is a DJ (part I)

Ibiza has been on my travel hit list for a long time. I’d heard so much about the hedonistic party island where people dance and party all night and chill out on beautiful beaches all day . . . you get the idea!  So when we moved back to London I made it an immediate priority to plan a trip there. Timing really is everything because it turned out that friends of ours had already pre-booked a large villa for a summer break in July.  Bingo!

Suffice to say, I needn’t have worried about dashed expectations – Ibiza is simply heavenly. First and foremost, it really has a frenetic, high energy dance scene. Admittedly, I’m not the world’s biggest clubber, but even I was loving the energy, the music, the intense vibe!  But Ibiza has a split personality.  A few miles away from the hustle and bustle of Space and Pacha you can get lost in the seemingly endless olive and orange groves, spend a day lazing on a white lounger on a pristine beach, indulge in a spa treatment at a rural agroturismo or grab a freshly juiced mojito at a stylish beach bar. The old town, which has thick walls, ramparts, churches and lovely shops is also a joy to explore. Perfection.

To top it off, I’ve been commissioned by a South African lifestyle magazine to write a travel piece on the island for publication in October. I can’t post the photos from the piece just yet but here are a few other “travel photography” style vignettes from our idyllic trip.


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