Whenever I touch down at JFK Airport, I’m overcome by a feeling of homecoming. It’s the same warm, intense emotion I feel when I fly back to Cape Town.  Bizarre in many ways because I only spent 6 months living in New York and a good 24 years of my life living in Cape Town! However, despite my brief time there, New York really managed to get under my skin. There is much to love – established architectural icons like Grand Central, and The New York Public Library, ground breaking design like the Highline, heavenly art museums like MOMA and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, independent cultural establishments, sublime food options like Cafe Habana and Blue Ribbon Sushi, neighbourhoods you want to visit over and over again because they constantly surprise you, the green oasis that is Central Park and the urban energy that is uniquely New York. I feel like a New York addict – requiring a regular “fix” to satisfy my Manhattan cravings and I’ve been visiting as often as possible since I first lived there.

So, along with Ibiza, New York was a must-do travel destination when we headed back to London.  Before I went, I researched and researched, desperate to make use of every second to discover, explore and visit the new hotspots. However, I always wedge in some “free” time, time to just walk . . .

This post is about one of those experiences. I was sweating my way through the West Village, popping in and out of some fabulous stores like Jonathan Adler, Monocle, and Joseph Hanna Leather. On my way back to the metro I walked past this barber shop. I stalled, silently wishing that I could go inside and take a few shots. The owner, read my mind, opened the door, invited me in, and offered me the opportunity to photograph away! Thank you Ivan – your gesture is much appreciated.  To my male New Yorker friends – this is the spot for a trim!

More NYC magic to follow.


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