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Like Father like Daughter

I was recently asked to submit two landscape photographs to South African travel/tourism publication, Passport Magazine.  The editor devotes the first and last page of the publication to photographic imagery.   It’s a simple, but lovely idea and works really well in the magazine.  I knew which image I wanted to submit, but instead of submitting two of my own, I included one of my father’s recent shots.  He is a well established and supremely skilled photographer who is also a little publicity shy.  (I wrote about how he inspired my love of photography in my first HOW I SEE IT  post.)

I recently spent some time in Cape Town and asked my dad to give me a few pointers on photoshop editing.  What I thought would be a quick thirty minute tutorial, turned into a long and detailed lesson on colour control, tonal range, masking, filters, curves and sharpening . . . the list goes on.  My dad is a whizz at photoshop and his skills really show in his finished prints.  He constantly wins awards (and admiration) from his peers at the photographic society.

I chose one of my favourites and as it turns out, it worked really well in tandem with my own submission.  My shot is an aerial of the Okavango Delta, which I had the privilege of visiting at the beginning of the year – but more about that in a later post.

I am thrilled that my father and I were featured photographically in the same publication.  Like father, like daughter?   Well, one day in the not too distant future perhaps . . .



7 thoughts on “Like Father like Daughter

  1. wow what amazing 2 shots!!! I am sure your dad is just as proud of you and your photographic skills as you are of him! xoxox

  2. Great to have both of you featured in one publication. I know that a lot of hard work went into acquiring understanding and working knowledge of the new technology. May you both continue to pursue your hobbies and your dreams. Much love

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