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Captains of Industry

What do expert tailoring, classic men’s grooming, a bespoke shoe-making service, kangaroo leather accessories and a flat white have in common?
Quite a lot when it comes to Captains of Industry – a unique outfitters / cafe / studio / atelier  – in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.
Let me just preface this post by saying that my husband recently admitted to keeping me away from Melbourne, the few times we visited Australia together.  He knew that if I’d spent any amount of time there, I would immediately fall in love with its European charm, cultural diversity and ridiculously cool coffee shops. My husband knows me better than I know myself because after visiting Melbourne for the first time, I almost migrated from Sydney.
Suffice to say, Melbourne ranks as one of my favourite cities.  The CBD is urban, quirky, new, surprising, designer, old and bold – all at once.  The inner city suburbs are varied and full of character. You can buy a scandinavian style jumper in an edgy industrial store inside an italian style shopping arcade, adjacent to a contemporary piece of starchitecture, whilst drinking a world class australian coffee.  You can snack on a home-made macaroon under the shade of an Elm tree in the middle of the city, right next to a world class art museum, whilst watching late 1800’s trams and cyclists (not as old) roll by.
Melbourne is a truly lovely, low key city with surprises around every corner.  I came across a few more on my city walkabout a few weeks ago including the delightful Lucy Folk store I happened upon in a little alleyway.  Charles Inglis’s design and Lucy’s amazing jewellery really put a smile on my face.
The trick is to walk in Melbourne. Walk walk walk.  That is how I discovered Captains of Industry. In another of Melbourne’s fabulous laneways.
The space is home to Captains Barber Shop, bespoke bootmakers James S. Roberts & Theo Hassett (who make all the shoes by hand on site) and Statler & Waldorf, a made to measure suiting service.
I couldn’t have said it better myself – this is an excerpt from their website:
The practitioners of Captains of Industry are Practical Men of Wide Experience.
Don’t you just love that?
Captains of Industry epitomises everything that I love about Melbourne.  It fuses quality craftsmanship, clever design, a touch of humour, quirky interiors and delicious coffee into one.  I will most definitely be back.
Side note: After looking at the photographs, some of you may be reminded of a similar discovery / post I made last year . . .



4 thoughts on “Captains of Industry

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  2. Have GOT to find this place next time I am in Melbourne! Looks amazing. Did I recognise the person sitting by the window?

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