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Funky Town (Part I)

Welcome to my first Melbourne travel post.  Somehow, time has just flown by and it has taken me a few weeks to get these images together.  It’s June already!

Those of you who read the blog, will be familiar with my love for this city.  Whilst posting about this delightful discovery a few weeks back, I unintentionally landed up waxing lyrical about this mega-cool metropolis.

Therefore, to avoid any unnecessary repetition (and another ode to the city), I think that I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves.

But don’t rush off just yet – here is a quick rundown of some of the establishments featured in the shots.

** Melbournites or Melbourne know-it- alls – I’m always looking for new hot spots or cultural treasures, so please post any recommendations below . . .


(*Not in any particular order)

Lucy Folk  – a delightful jewellery boutique.

Cupcake Central – loved the interior design of this cute cup-cakery

Captains of Industry – as extolled here.

Threefold – inner city cafe and food store

Gingerboy – a popular hawker-style, Asian eating establishment

Brighton Beach – a lovely suburb, about a 40 minute train ride from the CBD.  Capetownians will be reminded of St James and Muizenberg.

National Gallery of Victoria –  the grand daddy of the Melbourne art scene

Brother Baba Budan – A well known coffee establishment from the coffee connoisseurs at Seven Seeds

Pellegrini’s espresso bar – one of the first espresso bars in Melbourne. Renowned Italian fare too

Little Ox – Cute cafe in Brighton Beach.  Rumour has it they’ve opened another sister establishment. Watch this space.

Federation Square – An architecturally top-heavy, urban square in the CBD.  I visited the  Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) here and saw this

Crown Metropole Hotel – where I lay my weary head. Slick, sexy and convenient

Litte Mule – lovely bicycle-building & repair workshop and cafe

Plantation & Sensory Lab – – experimental coffee concept stores.  They take coffee sourcing, roasting & brewing to another level.  In fact, some of their brewing stations resemble science experiments.  Cold drip, anyone?

Melbourne Central – a shopping mall – train station hybrid.  An architectural triumph and shopping heaven



2 thoughts on “Funky Town (Part I)

  1. Your attention to detail and your superb photographs makes one want to take the next plane, or boat or whatever means to visit this “mega cool Metropolis”.

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