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This goes with That

Something new today.

One of my favourite blogs is called Miss Moss.  Diana Moss is a Cape Town based blogger who loves “sharing things that are nice to look at”.  Her sense of style really resonates with me, not to mention the seriously drool-worthy images she posts.

Every now and then Miss Moss creates visual juxtapositions which she (appropriately) calls mash-ups.  She scours the web for complimentary images of food and fashion and places them side by side.  Such a simple idea, but oh so effective.  Somehow these simple juxtapositions seem to create their own little narratives.

So, I’ve decided to channel a bit of Miss Moss in today’s post but featuring a distinctly HOW I SEE IT touch.  I’ve scoured my own personal photographic archives for mash-up worthy images.  You may recognise some of them from here, here and here.

My first batch is an architecture + foodie mishmash.  I just LOVED putting this together.  Admittedly, perhaps I’ve allocated a little toooooo much time to HOW I SEE IT this week!

Another unexpected problem is that I have become seriously addicted to mixing and matching . . .



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