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The Pleasure is All Mine

I have a confession to make.

I have a crush.

A deep and abiding crush.

It’s been three years and shows no sign of abating.

I first fell in lust with Gloss Creative two years ago when I featured their collaboration with Chris Bosse for the Myer Spring/Summer ’11 fashion show at the Carriageworks in Sydney.  I was invited to the show by Amanda Henderson, the founder of Gloss Creative and the visionary behind the brand.

I couldn’t possibly categorise the studio into a particular genre of design except to say that they take visual merchandising and installation design to another level.  Their portfolio includes designs for all manner of applications including fashion shows, marquees, stores, malls and private celebrations.  They have created some seriously inspiring, wonderfully magical installations for the likes of Moet & Chandon, MPGO and Australian super-brand, Sportsgirl.

They were even selected to style a luncheon for Oprah Winfrey when the queen of talk shows graced us with her presence in Sydney.   (Incidentally, Ms Winfrey is the subject of another of my irrational crushes. When my husband told me that she was coming to do a show in Sydney, I made it my absolute mission to secure a ticket – no matter the odds.  This entailed two consecutive sleepless nights of encouraging every person in my contacts database to apply for tickets.  And my persistence paid off because one of those wonderful people was a lucky recipient of two precious tickets to her show at the Opera House.  And what a show it was . . .)

But back to Gloss!  I have written about Amanda’s work three times and follow her work religiously.  This year, the company is celebrating ten years “of making fabulous happen” and what a ten years it has been.

In fact, just the other day, as I opened my post box and sifted through the bills and the junk mail, I discovered what you’re about to see below and just another example of their absolute fabulousness.

Thank you so much for this unexpected, and much appreciated, gift of thanks (-:

*The leather pouch is by Rachael Ruddick – a gloriously boutique, Australian designer accessory brand.



One thought on “The Pleasure is All Mine

  1. Thanks so much Elana, we wanted say thank you to so many people who have played a part in our ten year journey !

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