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In Living Colour

I’m often on the lookout for a creative collaboration and when I was in Cape Town in January, a lovely little one fell straight into my lap.

I had asked talented Cape Town-based photographer Russell Smith if I could join him on an interior photographic shoot while in town.  It just so happened that he’d just been asked by Jaco Janse van Rensburg to take photographs of a house that he’d just renovated.  Given Jaco’s masterful makeover, Russell suggested that I consider writing about the house for a design or lifestyle publication.  When the stars align, they align . . .  and Russ’s clever little idea materialised into a very recently published piece in House & Leisure (latest issue) featuring Russell’s photography, my copy and Jaco’s interior design.

Originally, a rather bland and uninspiring family home, the house was given a real once-over by a visionary who clearly, isn’t afraid of colour.  Luckily, Jaco’s clients were gutsy enough to go along for the ride and their creative collaboration is evident in the finished product.  Aside from photographing so well, this house is real.  It’s lived in, practical, light-filled and love-filled.

Now isn’t that something to aspire to?!

Click here to read the article and here to check out some of Russell’s inspiring photography.  



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