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Hidden Treasure

In a previous post, I shared a snippet of my visit to Lisbon in December.  I had the rare and unforgettable privilege of staying at a Royal Retreat and writing about my experience for Passport Magazine.

However, I wasn’t able to share the remainder of my shots at the time, which were reserved for a House & Leisure travel feature, the results of which can be seen here and below.  (Issue currently on sale in South Africa).

Europe is simply intoxicating and every time I visit, I am both awed and inspired.  I simply don’t think that I will ever stop admiring its architectural genius, striking urban planning, charming cobbled streets, quaint sidewalk cafes, manicured landscapes and (continuously) avante garde approach to art and design.  And that’s just the start.  Honestly, how does one begin to accurately describe a European travel experience?

When I go to Paris, I know what to expect. I know how I’m going to feel.  Even now, as I write this, I get little butterflies in my belly  . . . (that feeling).

When I go to Italy, Spain and Greece, there is an air of expectation and a sense of what’s to come.

But I didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas or expectations about Destination Lisbon.  I’m not sure what really prompted me to go to there (although I think that this had something to do with it), but I’m so darn happy that I did.

It is one seriously underrated (and mistakenly overlooked) European city.

“Lisbon is reminiscent of the romanticism of Venice, the authenticity of Rome, the nonchalance of Barcelona and the bold, designer strokes of Berlin.”

It really is a richly layered and authentic metropolis that reveals itself the more you explore its historic and evolving neighbourhoods.  Its iconic blue and white, Azulejos-tiled facades, dramatic oceanfront location, melancholic Fado music, rustic, traditional fare and brazenly modern developments, make for a heady urban experience.  It’s also only an hour from Sintra – a fairytale-inspired, lush, heritage-protected village of note.  Sintra is an absolute must if you visit Lisbon.

Finally – a shout out to Liat, who (aside from my equally adventurous husband), is a legendary travel partner in crime.  I convinced her to abandon her Irish travel plans (really?) in favour of this European gem.  We have traipsed around the cities, beaches and hill towns of South East Asia, the winelands, forests and fiords of New Zealand and the streets and neighbourhoods of New York together, making memories and accumulating travel stories to last us a lifetime.

Your choice next LR.  Promise.


5 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Loved taking this trip with you… made a good call…Lisbon was amazing! Next I think will have to be somewhere in south America! Xoxox

  2. Lisbon looks like a very interesting place.

    You covered it very well. Your photography is improving by leaps and bounds.


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