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Banksia in Bottles

Recall this post from two weeks ago?  I’ve literally just thrown out the last of the fynbos-inspired flowers and greenery that I purchased on that epic floral buying frenzy.  It may surprise some of you that I didn’t gravitate to all the brightly hued varieties, but for some reason, I was drawn to the rustic, indigenous species.

Here are a few shots of my supercycle-inspired arrangement.

– The “vases” are all recycled wine bottles.  I collected them over a period of weeks, soaking each one in soapy water (and Eucalyptus) to get rid of the labels.

– The ribbons / twine are recycled gift wrapping decorations.

– The table is a 1970’s teak trolley that I picked up at Mitchell Rd Antique Centre in Alexandria. (It is one of my favourite stores in Sydney.  When Partner in Crime first took me there, I was so overwhelmed, I walked up and down each aisle three times just to take it all in.  The centre is a multi-level treasure trove of antiques, vintage toys, clothing, retro, industrial and 20th century design furniture and fittings,  homewares and general bric-a-brac.  Sydney-siders note: If you go there, then you need to pop in here and here).

– The flowers are Banksia (native Australian wildflowers from the Proteaceae family) and Tiger Lilies which were a surprise thank-you gift from a friend.  They arrived on my door step in the middle of  flower arranging and slotted in beautifully.

Loved the pinks, rusty reds and oranges but I think I’m going with the poppies and snapdragons next . . .



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