The King

I’m a sucker for a flower market and on a recent trip “home“, I re-united with Partner in Crime for a whirlwind trip to the famous Adderley Street Flower Market.  The market is one of the oldest in Cape Town and somewhat of a city institution.  I’d often whizzed past on my inner city missions, taking in the glorious splashes of colour, but I had never actually stopped to literally smell the flowers . . .

Given my penchant for rustic blooms, I gravitated to one of my all-time favourites – the King Protea, South Africa’s national flower.  I picked up an absolute beauty for the princely sum of R20.  Suffice to say, I photographed it for three days in a row, obsessively watching its velvety petals (bracts) open up to reveal the soft, pale pink inner flower heads. (*The torso you see in the shots is a vintage “dummy”, found here).

In addition to the gorgeous blooms, the market is well known for its friendly vendors.  Aside from thinking that Partner in Crime and I were twins (not uncommon, although a little odd, considering that she was covered head-to-toe in designer gear), comments ranged from their political commentary on the new Nelson Mandela-branded South African bank notes (not an appropriate forum to go into detail), random allusions to the Cape Town sextuplets and the following response to Partner in Crime‘s throwaway comment about looking for a man in a flower market:  “noooo laaaady, you won’t find any good ones here . . .”





4 thoughts on “The King

  1. The protea is doing well – although the leaves have turned a coppery brown – but still giving us endless joy as we walk past (which is often, as it is strategically placed in the entrance hall). Thanks for affording us the pleasure.

  2. 1 ‘i wang the wong number’ + 1 ‘sass and wide’ cut-out shoulder top is not head to toe designer gear! loved going into town at 4:55 pm on a friday, loved the gorilla warfare, loved the market banter, loved the ‘no right turn’

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