Zero Waste

When I look at my “photographs” folder, I realise how much material I’ve amassed this year and how much of it is yet to reach this blog. . .

A case in point, is this revolutionary little cafe that I visited in Melbourne a few months back.  I wrote about it for, an appropriate fit for this sustainably “cutting edge” establishment, conceived, designed and owned by artist and eco-advocate Joost Bakker.

I realise that it’s slightly unorthodox to base the virtuosity of a café on the number of its rubbish bins, but it makes perfect sense in the context of Silo by Joost. Silo is a zero-waste café within a little laneway in  Melbourne’s CBD and boasts just a single receptacle (yes, one bin) for its entire 45sq m space.  Mind you, it’s a tongue-in-cheek plywood wheelie bin refashioned into a cash register!  Such are the “green” credentials of this little beauty.  Every inch of Silo has been designed with sustainability in mind. The fare is ethically sourced, sustainable and fresh and delivered in recyclable or reusable crates and all organic waste is filtered through an on-site dehydrator and steriliser.

And the design follows suit. The space is entirely kitted out in recycled or recyclable fittings, with stainless-steel benches, plywood shelves and seating in black timber-plastic, aluminium (irrigation pipe) and leather off-cuts.  My favourite details are the strawberry crates suspended from the ceiling which hold Joost’s trademark hanging ferns.

If in Melbourne, be sure to check this one out.



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