I’ve been collecting free postcards, business cards, brochures, coasters, posters, labels etc, generally anything graphically interesting for the last ten years.

I must have hundreds of seemingly useless bits of paper and card in various folders boxes and plastic sleeves.  I’ve tried to get rid of them a number of times but stopped just short of the waste paper bin.  I can’t help myself.  We’re surrounded by some great, subtle and often subliminal design.

I was going through a few of these seemingly useless bits ‘n bobs the other day in another attempt to cull the collection (attempt unsuccessful), and decided to catalogue of few of this year’s favourites.  They vary from branding for an architecture firm to the poster for an architecture graduate exhibition.

This kind of stuff gives me a thrill second to none.  Is that normal?

Here’s the list


The Bold Collective Two bold designers I interviewed a few months back.  You can stack up the card much like a Meccano set. A clever design by two clever ladies.

George & Allen by Hoyne. Marketing for a new contemporary development in Sydney’s Waterloo featuring Hecker Guthrie’s work, that this man introduced me to. The whole brochure is so slick.  Had me considering a move from Bondi to Waterloo for a few moments there . . .

Concrete Journal A journal from Cement, Concrete and Aggregates Australia.  Great, controlled graphics and visually storytelling.

University of Sydney Architectural Graduate Exhibition An obvious affinity for these events.  Colour block 3D imagery never goes out of fashion.

Castle Beatty: Can I be a little self-serving here? The new postcards advertising my architectural photography business.

Threefold Foodstore & Eatery. A small cafe in Melbourne, which I’ve written about here. You can’t see from the photograph, but this is one classy, chunky and topographically delicious business card.  Never throwing out.

Woods Bagot A global architecture firm.  I’ve written about a few of their projects.  Some great work comes out of this practice. Not to mention great graphic style.

Aesop My favourite Australian botanicals brand.  I just wrote a piece about their spanking new Boston store.  Can’t get enough of their store interiors and branding.

The Hill Eatery North Bondi. My favourite “local’s local” for a cocktail after a busy day.  I always leave with a coaster. Can’t help myself.

Spa at the QT Hotel  New funky hotel and spa in Sydney in the old Gowings Building (next to the new Top Shop).  LOVE this brochure.  Even more than the spa, which is delightful.  Again, not normal?



One thought on “Branded

  1. Oh dear – I think you have inherited your mother’s collecting and hoarding quirks – but in this case your hoardings are very noteworthy, interesting, creative and special.

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