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The Desert & The Delta

Heavens above – where do I start with this one?

How does one begin to describe a luxury tented safari experience spanning the majestic Okavango Delta and the dramatic Makgadikgadi Pans?

The verdant vastness?

The suspended, pink-hued colonial tents?

The adrenalin-charged lion and leopard – tracking expeditions?

The Meerkats and the lazing leopards?

The meandering elephant herds?

Cobra the Bushman and Super Sande, the legendary safari guide?

Sundowners in the pans?

The world-class African-inspired fare?

The angry hippos?

The teeming bird and animal life?

Witnessing a zebra migration?

How do I adequately and accurately describe camps & Beyond Xaranna, Xudum and Sandibe and Jack’s Camp?

The sheer photographic bliss?

Well – I took an honest stab by writing about and photographing my experiences for International Traveller magazine, an Australian based publication featuring global destinations.

When I think back to that once-in-a-lifetime trip, the hairs on my arms still stand on end.

It was always my dream to go to Botswana, ever since an ex-boss of mine described his own safari experience back in 2002. That’s ten years of waiting for just the right time.

January this year turned out to be the right time.

The greatest photo-journalistic gig thus far. Hands down.

Read the full story HERE.


Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 12.41.50

International Traveller_Botswana Safari-1International Traveller_Botswana Safari-2International Traveller_Botswana Safari-3


4 thoughts on “The Desert & The Delta

  1. Absolutely loved this article, everything that is wonderful about an African Safari just looking at your amazing pics xox

  2. Awesome!!! Great article and amazing pics…totally agree that Bots is a unique awesome place to visit…..i so want to go back!!!!!!

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