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I recently designed and compiled a coffee table book for a boutique architecture firm in Sydney.  It’s a collection of the studio’s projects spanning a ten year period.  In fact, I finished the design a while ago, but I was recently asked to make additional copies and it got me thinking about books in general.

I LOVE books and book design.  In many ways it brings together my two loves – photography and design – into a graphic format.   I can’t quite imagine paging through a chunky, glossy, travel or architecture book on a Kindle or iPad.  It doesn’t quite “feel” right and I’m still dedicated to my growing collection of beautifully curated books which are a constant source of inspiration.  My favourites are my Julius Shulman tomes, a coffee table-style recipe book called Seasons by Donna Hay and my Ansel Adams and Annie Leibowitz photography collections.

I also love books which present new styles of storytelling through the use of original typography, bold colours and illustration.  I’ve bookmarked literally hundreds of great book covers and layouts.

Despite the worldwide shift to e-books, there will always be a need and desire for beautiful published books.  For me, nothing quite compares to curling up with my favourite favourite on a comfy couch after a long day.

What are your favourites?



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