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South Facing

A few months ago, a little bee in my bonnet starting buzzing . . .

I’d read a travel article about road tripping down the New South Wales South Coast.  As often happens, when the spirit of a place resonates with me, the spark of inspiration can often turn into a mild obsession.

Then, as often happens, life got in the way and my travel plans were shelved.  That is, until one unsuspecting Sunday morning, when very last-minute-ish, my husband and I hopped into the car and starting driving.

South.  South of Sydney on a late weekend road trip.

We are super blessed here in New South Wales with some truly magnificent scenery and gorgeous little rural towns, all within less than 2 hours drive of the hustle and bustle of this sometimes chaotic city.  Granted, it ain’t no Manhattan but the streets of the Eastern Suburbs do start to feel a little manic from time to time and all that one needs to get out out the inner city funk is a long and luxurious drive into the hinterland.

So that’s exactly what we did and this is what we saw, discovered and loved.

A drive through The Royal National Park.  We didn’t stop at the beaches but I hear that they are secluded sanctuaries well worth exploring.

Wollongong Harbour – particularly eating fresh grilled fish at the water’s edge.  Like a little school girl with my legs dangling over the edge  of the bench. . .

Nan Tien Buddhist Temple (the biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere).  Chai Tea in the Japanese style eatery.  Utter peace and quiet.  Took me back to my yoga Ashram days in upstate New York.

Berry. LOVE this town. Quaint. Historical. Surrounded by some severely lush forestation. Loved the Berry Sourdough Cafe / Milkwood Bakery.  The Berry Tea Shop and Hungry Duck (sublime). 

The Drawing Rooms (we stayed overnight).  We had no idea we were in such picturqesue surroundings until the morning!

The Nostalgia Factory Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley

Fitzroy Falls

Hampden Suspension Bridge near Kangaroo Valley

And all the little high street shops, valleys and mountains.

Next time we plan to head further South.  I’ll keep you posted.



4 thoughts on “South Facing

  1. Love these pics…please take me when i eventually come to visit sydney! Btw loved the “it ain’t manhattan” reference….no place is 🙂

    • Email or call – seriously we are right up your street! Will do ‘mates rates’ – just not between 13th and 25th March – we are already booked solid (booked up for Easter too). What is your email and I can send you our info tips for Jervis Bay area…

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