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The GFC Returns (But Not As You Know It)

My gluten-free baking friend is so darn talented, hard-working, prolific and passionate about The Gluten Free Challenge, that I felt the need to blog about her gluten-free goodness once again.

Seriously people, even if you’re a wheat-eater you’d no doubt find yourself exclaiming: “I can’t believe these are gluten-free!”

Orly hosted another tasting session a few weeks ago, the results of which you can drool over below.  Everyone was encouraged to leave comments and suggestions as per the last session and then complete a follow-up survey.  Orly is collating all the data which is an indispensable part of her business development.

If you’re in Sydney and would like to sample home-baked heaven, you can contact Orly directly to make an order.  Get in quick!



12 thoughts on “The GFC Returns (But Not As You Know It)

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I could eat everything there! Especially the caramel cake, chocolate tart and peppermint cupcakes! Wow!! Amaze-balls! Went to Orly’s gluten free tasting a few weeks ago and was completely amazed and delighted by Orly’s unbelievable talent!

  2. These photos are just gorgeous! Elana, you are very talented. I wish I could taste these beautiful cakes. Orly has just got to bring these baked goods to the States. She could change the face of Gluten Free baking.

  3. The desserts look very tasty and mouthwatering. Can you deliver some to the good ole
    US of A? Will they store sell in transit? I cannot believe that desserts that look that good do not have a gluten-free-after-taste but it appears they taste like normal cakes!

  4. gorgeous pics friendy! let me know if you know of anyone doing something similar in ct (and kosher would be a bonus!) x

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