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Quiet Achiever

You may recall that I visited the lovely city of Lisbon a while back.  I think of Lisbon as the rarely noticed, but very likeable kid on the playground.  Lisbon’s other friends (Paris, Barcelona, Rome) get all the attention, leaving Lisbon somewhat in the shade. While I love spending time with the city’s better known contemporaries, I also like to seek out the little gems, the quiet achievers, if you will.  A little bit of research, a few conversations here and there and a genuine attempt to expand my European portfolio led me to this wonderfully hidden treasure.

As I write in my latest article about the city, for Australian design publication Habitus:

Reminiscent of the romanticism of Venice, the authenticity of Rome and the nonchalance of Barcelona, Portugal’s Lisbon is an exciting, evolving and richly layered metropolis.

My sentiments about the city are all captured in the article, a guide for those who plan to visit as well as a hopefully pleasant dose of armchair travel.

It was recently suggested by a travel editor that city travel guides are best left to locals. In some respect I agree with his sentiment.  As a Capetownian, ex Londoner and ex New Yorker, I feel somewhat authoritarian when making recommendations about places to visit there.  But a true traveller, one who seeks out the places that locals frequent plus a fresh outsider perspective, are equally as valuable.

A few side notes:

*If anyone plans to visit, I also cannot stress enough the importance of visiting Sintra, just an hour from Lisbon by train. Honestly one of the most fantastical, magical places I have had the pleasure of exploring.

*Before I sign off, a special shout-out to my intrepid travel partner on this assignment, the lovely Miss Rab, who was a joy to mission with as usual.

*Also thanks to Jose de Avillez for the informative Q&A. Lisbon’s most talked-about chef, his cafes and restaurants are on a par with the best in Europe.

Read the FULL ARTICLE here.



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