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Far from Silicon Valley

They wanted to visit the Blue Mountains again.

But did we really want to go back to the tourist hot spots?

And crane our limbs and necks beyond the multitude of cameras, babies, strollers, sun hats and tourist maps just to get a shot?

I wanted to see something different.

So did they.

So I asked a local (and my co-founder on this).

And this is the spot he recommended.

Dramatically concealed at the end of a dusty road.

Yet mere minutes from the jam-packed parking lot @ Wentworth Falls.

After a few minutes, it was just the four of us.


Real silence.

(Okay, I took one shot with my iPhone).

But then . . .

just the sound of the wind.

And we just marvelled at another of nature’s infinite masterpieces.



6 thoughts on “Far from Silicon Valley

  1. You captured the atmosphere of the place both in poetic words and beautiful visuals.
    We loved the experience. It was truly awesome. Sybil

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