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As I mentioned in last week’s post, I’m still soaking up the contrast, richness and wonder that was Bali and I find myself no closer to sharing my final, edited set of images this week.  This is partially due to the fact that they belong to my assignment for now, but also because over 3 short days, I magically produced over 1000 shots!

As a teaser / taster for those of you who asked, here are some iPhone pictures that I shot along the way.  In my pre-smart phone travel days, I used to take a small snap-and-shoot camera in addition to my SLR film or digital camera.  It provided the perfect tool for capturing those quick, off-the-cuff shots that we’ve all come to love and imbibe via the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc etc.  Fast forward Apple, Steve Jobs and the like, and that little compact has been replaced by my trusty iPhone, which in addition to storing all my travel information, is one heck of an image-creator.  Although the camera settings are minimal, it does a wonderful job of distilling and sharing those spur-of-the-moment vignettes.  I use a few filters to vamp up my images including an app called Cross Process which produces the lovely Instagrammy, retro shots that I love.

I’ve collated a few of the iPhone images that I shot on that magical island – which I hope will do for now . . .


HISI_Bali collageHISI_Bali collage 2


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