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Bali {Part II} Potato Head

And so . . . I started pulling together my post on the Bali beach town of Seminyak, sorting through images and such and then it hit me.  A separate, definitive post on Potato Head was in order.  Yip, they have named what is probably the coolest beach bar / lounge / hang-out in Seminyak – Potato Head.  Having been there, and read some of the marketing collateral etc, I’m still not sure about the name, but let me tell you that it’s the only element of this distinctively unique, fabulously happening Bali hotspot that had me scratching my own head!

The club is not visible from the dusty roads of Seminyak and when we asked the cab driver to take us there, all became apparent as he turned off the main drag down a lovely tree-lined avenue.  As we got out the car and looked up, we knew we were somewhere special.  Towering over our heads was an elliptical Colosseum-like structure, fashioned from old wooden shutters. Turns out they are made from 18th century Teak shutters sourced from all over the Indonesian archipelago bar.

You enter the actual beach club along a ramp which winds its way alongside these beautiful shutters.  Honestly, thank heavens for photographs, because how else would I begin to describe the scene that unfolded before us as arrived in the belly of the space?  Sheesh – they really know how to do beach bars in Bali.  I’ve seen some pretty cool ones in this place too and they are both well up there.

Potato Head was opened a few years ago by Ronald Akili and Jason Gunawan.  It’s essentially a beach club that offers daytime beach partying, casual and upscale restaurants and laid back night-time vibes in an awesome setting.  I mentioned that you can’t see the space from the streets of Seminyak but if you walked along the beach, you would suddenly come across this energised, vibing, happening spot, that’s a little elevated above the beach itself, but certainly inspired by everything about beach culture and summer.  The idea is to spend the day – swimming, sun-baking, drinking fresh cocktails (with a twist in more ways than one), snacking and listening to groovy tunes.  (In fact, the music was one of the highlights.  Check out DJ Eguchiiyuki’s vibes here.)

“There is definitely a personal touch to what we do. The menus in Potato Head bistro are based on nostalgic home recipes and personal memories from our travels. We put our own collection in the restaurant, from the artwork to the furniture. We want people to see that we put our soul into each projects and that we’ve invited them into our lives.” Ronald Akili

The space, which includes traditional, ethnic, modern, industrial and vintage detailing was designed by the very talented architect Andra Matin. It is a rich, sometimes opulent, sometimes completely retro space, which continually inspires the more time you spend in it.  Suffice to say, you can spend an entire holiday lounging around here.  In fact, in the shots, you’ll notice some scaffolding.  Let’s just say that soon you’ll be able to spend your entire holiday here.  Yip, a hotel is on its way .  .  .



8 thoughts on “Bali {Part II} Potato Head

  1. I came across your blog as I am currently in Seminyak (having spent 5 days in Ubud) and was wondering about dinner at Potato Head tonight, so thank you! Love your images, we walked past it on the beach this morning, but now I have a good feel for the interior vibe… All the best, Michael

  2. Hi!! Loved your post about potato head! Me and my sister are heading to Bali in July around my birthday and were looking at this place for some fun!! I have a stupid question however! When you arrive do you pay an entrance fee of sorts or anything to use the pool etc? It just looks too good to be true…:)

    • Hi Jane. Thanks – loved it there. As far as I know, no entry fee. It really is as good as it looks. Start early and spend the entire day there until the vibes start pumping at sunset . . . awesome spot

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