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Soil, Statice and Seaside Daisy

My nearest and dearest will certainly attest to the fact that I have a penchant for non-chronological story-telling.  Typically, a story or anecdote starts in one direction, but by the time I’m “done”, I’ve covered a gazillion other (seemingly unrelated) topics.  Not only that, I’m known for delivering information in a completely non-chronological sequence.  So with that in mind, you won’t be surprised that I’ve posted images of my very first garden, in my very first home, when in fact, I haven’t yet posted anything about the fact that we actually bought a house – and renovated it!

In fact, I could have created a completely separate blog on the trials and tribulations associated with buying (or even attempting to buy) a property in this special little part of Australia we call the Eastern Suburbs.  If I showed you some of the collateral (marketing material, iphone photos, estate agent pitches) that I accumulated during the process, I don’t think you’d actually believe me.  Some of the properties in this aspirational part of the world are, ironically, in such disrepair, even dogs wouldn’t live there.  True story.  One house I inspected, had been utilised by the owner as sleeping quarters for his dogs.  They lived there for about 18 months (shedding hair in every conceivable corner of the house) that by the time he’d decided to sell, it looked like a sheep shearing shed.  Turns out the dogs weren’t happy there.  You think?  Yet, despite the massive price tag, he didn’t think it fit to clean the property.  I guess he figured that humans might be happier there.  Not to mention the rusty Moulinex blender I spied hanging off a dirt encrusted kitchen wall.  That very kitchen had cornices and ceiling roses so old and mouldy, they’d have been better off in a skip than on the underside of a ceiling.  And then the smiling agent’s words: “they’d only need a small bit of work to restore them back to their former glory.”  Really??

Oh – and did I mention the actual purchasing process (auction!), the endless photographs of our new Bondi beach housie (think jaded seventies gem!), the scheming, planning, drawing, mood-boarding, the demolition (yikes), the renovation (yippeee!) and the final product?  It all seems a little overwhelming to post . . .

So first – the garden.

It’s early days – but here are a few images of one of the brick-sided shallow planters that we inherited.  The back patio is a lovely sunny spot with a beautiful lemon tree.  It just needs some TLC.  So, after a much needed trip to Eco Gardens in Bondi, I set to work.  No great shakes (yet), I know, but I’ve embarrassingly never gardened before so I’m awfully proud of myself.



3 thoughts on “Soil, Statice and Seaside Daisy

  1. Well done Lani. I also knew nothing about gardens. Best time to plant is now. if it can survive winter, it will be ready for summer.

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