Waiheke Island {Auckland Part I}

They don’t call it the Land of the Long White Cloud for nothing.  New Zealand that is.  I’ve been fortunate to visit the country twice, and on each occasion I noticed the presence of a hovering, milky-white expanse of fluff.  In fact, Land of the Long White Cloud or Aotearoa is actually the official Maori name for New Zealand.

This trip was a super quick, tag-along-with-husband visit to Auckland.  New Zealand is a magical, vast, breathtaking country and although Auckland isn’t by any means a place you’d visit if you were planning to explore the country’s natural beauty, it is actually a lovely little city that has its own story to tell.  But more about that in the next post.

My first priority was to visit Waiheke Island.  It’s the second-largest in the Hauraki Gulf after Great Barrier Island and given its beauty and proximity to the mainland (a 45 minute ferry ride from downtown Auckland), is quite well populated.  But the island has the most serene, calming atmosphere.  Most of the homes there are simple beach houses, called batches which many people also use as holiday homes and rentals.  I really didn’t have enough time to rent a motorbike or car to truly explore the island, but I loved the artists’ galleries, little organic farm store and stores on the main strip and the vineyards and the pristine beaches.  The air is so fresh.  So clean.  100% Pure NZ.

Next post: Auckland



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