Kia Ora {Auckland Part II}

As I mentioned in the Waiheke Post, I visited Auckland a few weeks ago.  I’d been to the city before, but I had always wanted to return, largely from a design perspective.  Auckland, along with Wellington and Christchurch, are, despite their size and remoteness, little “designer” hotbeds.  Over the years, my journalism and research had unearthed a number of Kiwi creatives and design establishments.  Unfortunately, time was very short and rainy (torrential!), so I was unable to get through my list of designer must-dos.  I did however, get a really good overview of the city and my trip certainly set the groundwork for any future visits.

In addition to Waiheke, highlights included the regenerated harbour area of Britomart, Depot EaterySt Kevin’s Arcade on K (Karangahape) Road, Made StoreEbisu, Ponsonby Central, Auckland Art Gallery, Laundromat Boutique and the High Street District.

We stayed at Hotel de Brett, which is truly deserving of the term “boutique hotel”.  This hotel is owned and managed by the lovely Michelle Deery and her husband, who have invested a genuine love of hospitality and a generous dose of style into its design and management.  It’s high on my list of all time boutique hotel favourites.

*Disclaimer. Apologies for the slightly “soft” looking photographs.  I’ve since had my camera and lenses cleaned and checked!



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