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Mixtape {The Friends I}

Once a week, every week, I hit the pause button.  For one full day I surrender to creative pursuit, technology and all activity associated with “the working week” and the quotidian.  There’s a moment at which the divide between daily and spiritual is stark and real.  In that moment and the proceeding 25 hours, everything quietens and what’s real and important comes into sharp focus.  I often feel the sheer gravity of the technology that enfolds, influences, supports and affects my life and think, wow, I feel blessed – literally –  to have one day in the week when I can shut off from their influence and concentrate more deeply on the soul.

That’s the power of contrast.  You’re able to empower yourself with the ability to discern between two opposites, and subsequently, to appreciate both.  Despite a nagging feeling that I should have been born in 1960’s New York, when perfectly tailored apparel, drinks trollies, headscarves, mustangs, knee-high gladiator sandals and Mies van de Rohe were en vogue and the likes of Don Draper, Roger Stirling and Joan Holloway were swanning around Madison Avenue (yes, I am hopelessly addicted to Mad Men), I do feel privileged  to have been born into this digital era.  A digital age, where the answers to random questions, virtual clouds, global connectivity, digital maps and Instagram (my latest obsession) and a plethora of other ingenious technological tools are literally at our fingertips -so many of which are free and easy!  I’ve just finished reading the Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson  (get it on your Kindle if you have one – it’s thick!) and I honestly feel indebted to him (and his Apple posse) for so many of the simply sensational devices and systems that shape my life and my work.  It’s a brilliant read by the way.  Jobs gave Isaacson free reign on the content.  There were literally no holds barred and Isaacson’s portrayal of Jobs is not only exceptionally extensive but real and raw.

So, in the spirit of long introductions followed by slightly (seemingly) off topic conclusions, allow me to introduce you to the first How I See It Mixtape.  The connection? Spotify!

Spotify is a free digital music service that allows you to discover, share and save music.  We take it for granted.  Isn’t that really really wild?!  I know it’s been around a long time (in this day and age it’s ooold) but I’m still so enthralled with it.  As I put my first few first playlists together the other day (My Top 20 Songs and the like), I wondered what my friends’ all-time favourites* might be?  So I asked some of them.  And then made a mixtape of some of the results.  If you haven’t already, download Spotify and make your own . . .

*What are some your all-time favourites?




8 thoughts on “Mixtape {The Friends I}

  1. Impi by Johnny Clegg – not sure if it is my favourite, but was thinking South African songs – would be up there

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