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Channelling Don Draper

Ever since my move to Sydney a number of years ago, I’ve watched the annual Fifties Fair at the iconic Rose Seidler House come and go.  And as soon as it was over, I’d berate myself yet again for not going.  But – oh no – not this year.  This year, we donned our finest 50’s apparel, stepping firmly back in time to our favourite era.  My husband and I, that is.  He looked dashing in his grey suit, thin, diagonal print tie and tie pin. What’s not to love about the 50’s?  Aside from the design, music and fashion, it’s also the intoxicating backdrop for Mad Men.  My series obsession.  Gosh, what’s NOT to love?

Organised by Sydney Living Museums, the Fifties Fair event channels the glamour, history and swingin’ good times of the fifties, set against the backdrop of Harry Seidler’s iconic residential masterpiece, the Rose Seidler House, in a leafy suburb of Sydney.  Not familiar with the house? This lovely description from The Sydney Living Museum website pretty much sums it up.

Bored with the monotony of suburbia? So was Harry Seidler when he arrived from America in 1948.  The potential of the Australian landscape fascinated him, but our boxy homes did not.  As a result he embraced a modernist philosophy to create this liveable, functional sculptural home for his parents Rose and Max. However, their Viennese furniture was all but banned from the house by Seidler who favoured features such as open-plan living spaces, minimal colour schemes and built in wardrobes. Thanks to Harry they all made their Australian debuts here.  

It’s a small, but perfectly formed home that epitomises the charm, grace and modernity of the time.   And aside from its architectural gravitas, it’s a real throwback to the era!

The fair is a jolly good day out.  I just loved walking amongst the crowds, admiring the fifties fashion, enjoying the music and watching the best dressed hopefuls swan across the stage.

I imagine Don was somewhere amongst the crowds, Canadian Club in hand, flirting madly.

Sydney-siders – bookmark this for 2014.

(*Apologies for the image resolution.  For some reason they are uploading out of focus.  Rather annoying glitch I hope to amend)



6 thoughts on “Channelling Don Draper

  1. beautiful pictures Elana – you capture the moment as usual!! How are you and Smuts?? You seem to have grabbed Oz by the horns…would be great to hear from you some time

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