Blogcademy, please

So – as you all know, I have been faithfully feeding this blogging addiction of mine for the past two years.  It really nurtures my love of adventure, photography and story-telling.  I’ve also met wonderful people and received some great feedback.

A while ago I stumbled upon a blog called Nubby Twiglet.  It features the work, thoughts, advice and adventures of US-based graphic designer, Shauna Haider.  One post was all it took to get hooked (she’s that good) and I’ve been following her work and blog for the past 3 years.   Then, I discovered that Shauna regularly collaborates with the equally super-talented Gala Darling and Kat Williams of Rock ‘n Roll Bride fame, to offer a blogging super-course called Blogcademy.  These ladies define what it is to be big time bloggers.  Their sense of style, branding, urban culture and fun – is seriously infectious.

Fortunately for all us bloggers out there – they travel all over the world, sharing their blogging expertise and experience and amazing, high-octane energy.

And this year – they will be in Melbourne!  I would just love to go to the workshop this November (sadly they aren’t coming to Sydney) as I think it will help me take my blog to new places!

So many people ask me where I plan to take How I See It.

And the truth is that I just don’t know.

I have so many ideas, images + sources of inspiration

but I’d love the expertise of a few power-bloggers to help me figure it all out.

So, I put together this VIDEO a little while ago, to help me get there.  I think that it really sums up the blog and how much I’d love to imbibe everything the Blogcademy has to offer.


Wish me luck!



Photo: Karen Gilbert


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