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Sea Art

It was one of those lucky discoveries.

I was reading through a design blog a number of months ago and was instantly drawn to a feature on Jacqui Fink of Little Dandelion.   As I read further, a number of key details emerged that led me to a little investigation of my own.  Somewhat serendipitously, it turned out that Jacqui and her husband went to university with my husband! Small world.  Not only did I discover Jacqui’s immensely inspiring work, but an equally inspiring individual.

Jacqui is an extreme knitter.  I’m not talking extreme quantities of beanies, scarves and winter woolies.  I’m talking super-sized, magnificently over-scaled knitted textiles.  Jacqui has developed a skill of her own, using a pair of oversized knitting needles fashioned from industrial pieces of plastic tubing.  The results are knitted products, including blankets and wall hangings, that feature huge looping and stitches.  Jacqui’s deep and abiding love for knitting, wool and natural textures, comes through in every piece.  In fact, when you see the images below, you’ll find it hard to believe that Jacqui doesn’t consider herself to be particularly “creative”.   (Say, what?)

When Jacqui mentioned that she was working on an exhibition with uber-talented Sydney stylist and ceramicist Lara Hutton, I offered to take some behind-the-scenes images of their lead-up to the exhibition.  After months and months of planning, preparation and exceptionally hard work (working with those needles is particularly exhausting!), the pair launched their exhibition called SEA ART, at Megan Morton’s The School in Rosebery / Sydney.  Sadly, I was out of town on opening night, but by all accounts, it exceeded everyone’s expectations.  I can’t say that I am surprised.  These ladies make an awesome pair.

I’ll be heading there this week, but in the interim, here are some of those behind-the-scenes images.  I also made a little stop motion video, using a few of the images.

For the craft-inclined, the pair are hosting a series of classes at The School called Potterizing starting this Thursday.  
An Aesthetic Convergence
Lara Hutton & Jacqui Fink
The School / 85 Dunning Avenue / Rosebery / Sydney
From 8 November – 16 November



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