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Macrame 101

I’ve been wanting to attend a crafting workshop at Sydney’s The School for a little while but although they offer an amaaaaazing portfolio of classes, nothing had really tickled my fancy  – – –

until . . .

I spied this – Macramé 101 with the “Queen of Crafting” Tamara Maynes.

Tamara’s art direction and meticulous maker brain has managed to do the impossible – re invented the macrame planter! Designer roping combinations, copper fittings and the perfect fat bottomed vase planter. Fill this with greenery, foliage or fresh flowers. We like to categorize it as `easy / hard; ‘ meaning it’s not difficult brain straining but it’s manual and extremely satisfying! We have all the necessary infastructure to hold everything in place while Tamara takes you through the weaving process. Everything included, just give us 3 hours and we will give you an incredible piece that can truly take up a whole lot of visual space in your house – especially if it’s made long and tall and hung in a corner, Voila – room suddenly filled!

 I’ve always admired Tamara’s work, talent and original style so this was a no-brainer.

 To help those of you who may very well be scratching your heads, macramé is a form of object-making that uses knots and knotting rather than weaving or knitting.   Some of you may recall 1980’s versions of this delightful art form, which has recently experienced something of a resurgence.  (But not in the form of those daggy car seat covers et al  . . .)

And what a wonderful afternoon it was.  Tamara is not only a macramé whizz but a natural born teacher.  So patient and gentle and warm and engaging.  I have to mention the setting – a white, light filled warehouse space sandwiched in between the fabulousness of home-wares and furniture Mecca, Koskela, Kitchen by Mike and a beautiful urban garden.   It was also wonderful to spend the afternoon next to this lady.

After 4 hours of learning, sharing and pure crafting bliss, we all walked out of there with our own macrame pot holders.  So proud!

(Mine is the white and pink special at the end.)

Watch THIS VIDEO for a stop-motion precis of the day (-:



4 thoughts on “Macrame 101

  1. Elena!! You are amazing girl!!! Not only did you pick up the technique of macrame like a champion and make a killer plant hanger… you put together an incredible post about it and wrote such lovely things about me! How lucky I am to have such a wonderful student! You get an A+ !! Tamara x

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