Stamp Duty

It’s often the simple, uncomplicated things in life that give me the most joy.

Aside from the usual suspects – a good cup of coffee, home baked bread, freshly picked flowers – I am drawn to clean, uncomplicated objects and design.  A fresh sprig in a recycled glass jar, a fresh tomato and basil salad, gifts wrapped in old newspapers and wound with twine.

Two days ago, whilst ambling along Loop Street in Cape Town, my husband spotted a rubber stamp company and suggested that we get a personalised stamp. Genius!

Within twenty minutes, we chose the text, the font, the size and the colour and Miles at Bremridge Hall had whipped up a sample.

Today we picked up our bespoke stamp and I just love it!

I often use “old fashioned” labels as gift cards for friends and we had the stamp sized to fit.

Call me crazy, but I’m loving this thing.

I don’t think Bremridge Hall have ever had such an overeager and overjoyed customer before.  As I left the store today, they wished me “Happy Stamping”!


(*For those of you who are wondering – the irony-laden heading of this post is most certainly intentional . . .)


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