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Espresso Below, Honey Above

It was really just a matter of time before a quirky little cafe made another appearance on this blog. And it’s another Melbourne beauty (you saw that coming too, didn’t you?).

I discovered this cafe via Broadsheet and haven’t looked back. By that I mean that I go to this cafe every time I visit Melbourne, as it’s just down the road from where we stay.

In principle, given my love for Aussie cafes, I should be trying something new each time, but I just can’t resist starting my day at Dead Man Espresso*.

I love the wood panelling (that reminds me of a cosy Scandinavian steam room), the smattering of Volker Haug‘s light fittings and the fact that a good portion of the food is locally sourced, including a proportion from the cafe’s rooftop garden and beehives. Yip, “homegrown” greens, herbs, veggies and bees right on a rooftop in the heart of urban Melbourne.

The hives are managed by Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, a group of beekeepers dedicated to bringing bees back to the city and suburbs of Melbourne. They play a critical role in the drive to help save the honey bee from the threat of disease and possible extinction. They provide the hives, manage and maintain them and the host gets a portion of the crated honey. Their services have already help provide much needed habitats for swarms of honey bee colonies, who would otherwise not have survived the cold winter. This initiative is already in practise in Paris, London, Toronto, San Francisco and New York City. Less food miles, a greener city and true wildlife preservation all in one. Not to mention, the amazing honey they produce. Their avocado-on-gluten-free-(or-multigrain)-bread-with-pomegranate-mint-and snow-pea comes drizzled with the stuff. Heavenly.

And the coffee is sublime too. (But then you knew that was coming too . . .)

*(To read more about the origin of the name Dead Man Espresso and their philosophy, click HERE).



8 thoughts on “Espresso Below, Honey Above

    • Hi Beck. Strictly speaking no, but when I read that the honey was sourced from their on site hives, I asked our waitress if I could have a look at take some shots. You can’t actually see the bees unless City Rooftop Honey are there maintaining them.

  1. If ever I am in Melbourne that’s where I am heading. The avo sandwich looks amazing. Bet it tastes good too.

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